Corporate Services (Hosting)

Montt Group has designed a comprehensive service for the incorporation and start-up in third countries of companies that look to develop the activities of their parent companies in new markets, a service that we have called “HOSTING”, through which we provide in the third country Legal Representation, Legal Domicile, Accounting Services and Tax Management, in
such a way as to allow its controllers to concentrate on the commercial operations. We provide this service for companies that start their activities in all jurisdictions where we operate, this is all of Latin America, except Venezuela.

The HOSTING service is provided in a personalized way and is adapted to the interests and needs of the client. The modular nature of the service makes it possible to have it in a total or segmented way, thus adjusting to the specific requirements of companies. It constitutes a valuable resource that our Firm provides at a low cost and risk, completely outsourcing the operation of the business entity and that aims to cooperate efficiently in the expansion and growth of our clients in the regional sphere.

This personalized approach with consolidated services has allowed Montt Group to establish a solid position in the Latin American Region.

The service package designed exclusively by our Firm comprises the following:

  • Legal Representation: Provision of a resident legal representative for the purpose of the company`;s tax registration and compliance with the local regulations that apply in legal, tax and labor matters in the jurisdictions in which we operate.
  • Legal address: We provide legal address to the company and to the partners or shareholders for the purposes of their registration with the corporate and tax supervisory bodies.
  • Accounting Service: We handle the local entity's accounting records in accordance with local GAAP and legal requirements.
  • Tax Management: Control, preparation and presentation of reports to the tax authorities. Tax advice and tax settlements.
  • Bank account: Opening of a bank account in the bank of your choice. The administration of said checking account will correspond to the manager under direct instruction from the foreign supervisor.
  • Back Office: It includes administrative, treasury, financial and foreign trade services, such as management at less sophisticated levels.