We support the Development and Management of Projects

Legal Advice and Services

Montt Group has specialized lawyers in the main areas of Law in order to fully support the interests of our clients in any of the jurisdictions of the Latin American Region. Additionally, its professionals have a global Latin American and worldwide vision, which allows them to design and give a structure to their businesses, seeking optimal operating conditions and tax advantages. We provide personalized attention based on trust, responsibility, and confidentiality. Our team of professionals is made up of more than 100 lawyers specialized in different areas of law trained in the different jurisdictions where we operate. We provide legal services and legal advice in more than twenty specialized areas of the law and commercial activity in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Judicial and arbitration services

Montt Group also takes care of litigation and arbitration with professionals specialized in this activity, with the ability to design strategies in civil, commercial, labor, and criminal matters, and also before State administration bodies.

Corporate Services

Establishment of companies with highly qualified professionals with specific technical knowledge, availability and understanding of the business.  In addition to the establishment of the local company in the respective jurisdiction, this Corporate Service includes a modular package of services tailored to the client’s needs for quick installation and start-up of activities, providing efficient, practical, and reliable support, ensuring the continuity of business activities, which includes: (i) Provision of a local resident as legal representative, what is normally a requirement to obtain tax registration of a company in the jurisdictions in which we operate; (ii) Provision of Legal Address, what also is normally a requirement to obtain tax registration of a company in the jurisdictions in which we operate; (iii) Provision of Accounting Services which comprises all the accounting services defined above; (iv) Payroll: It consists of the settlement of the monthly or periodic salaries of staff, such as the determination of the amounts to be discounted by social security entities, including the settlement of vacations and other employment benefits; (v) Back Office Services: It includes treasury; issuance of invoices, banking procedures; sending invoices to clients and retrieving their payments; preparation, certification and notarization of the documentation required by different public and / or private entities for their registration as a supplier, procedures for sending / retrieving documentation, general and basic administrative tasks.

Our mottos are: “all round” and “time is of the essence”, which it means, a global vision of the entrustment in its complete context, and time is of the essence.

Mining Services

Montt Group has a Mining Division with 15 years of experience, with an in-house professional team comprised by lawyers, mining and environmental engineers, surveyors and mining technicians as well as economists located in our subsidiary offices in all Latin-America, specially Chile, Perú and Bolivia, in order to provide an integral service to our clients in all legal matters related to extractive or mineral processing projects and act as an agent to facilitate the commercialization of Projects looking for investors, building bridges between investors with venture capital and mining owners.

Also, through our joint ventures with international consulting firms, we provide specialized services in areas related to mining, such as those related to Desalination Plants.

Among the services we provide are:

  • Mining surveillance program
  • Services for gaining mining title 
  • Services for obtaining mining easements (negotiation and establishment) 
  • Software for following up the creation and monitoring of mining titles and easements Fastmin©
  • Mining litigation
  • Agency of mining projects, investments and financing
  • Mining due diligence
  • Territorial survey

All these services allow us to meet with a comprehensive vision the issues and needs that arise from the transactions, businesses and operations of our clients, with a multidisciplinary team of specialists willing to help making the best decisions in the face of the requirements to be met.

Tax services

Comprehensive and personalized advice to our clients in accounting and tax matters, including the following services:

1) Preparation of Financial Statements, certifications, accounting reports.

2) Tax Management: Specialized tax advice is provided to clients in the day-to-day development of their activities.

3) Special Audits: This service allows the client to meet specific supervision needs of its different subsidiaries within Latin America in an environment of confidentiality and directed to specific problems.


What do our customers say

Since 1986 we started our legal assistance with Santiago Montt, with whom we have never hesitated to look for alternatives, given his vision, clarity and advice on multiple issues arising from our companies, such as tax, control of directories, business divisions, labor litigation, effective possession, family relationships, always concerned with taking care of our prestige and heritage. In short, otherwise, everything related to aspects that require legal advice, are referred to Montt Group, who have top-level professionals for any case.

Ricardo Ariztía de Castro


We have known Montt Group for decades, a firm that always delivers what it promises, even if it has to fight hard for it, people to trust.

Diego Gonzalez


We’re a Canadian based public company with branches in over of dozen countries, including Chile, where we’ve operated for a number of years. During this time operating in Chile, we’ve encountered a range of issues spanning different legal areas. Since the beginning, we’ve been able to consistently rely on the sage and expert advice of Montt’s team to help us navigate the complex legal and regulatory landscape.

Andrew McLaughlin

Vice President – Legal Affairs & General Counsel / Major Drilling Group International Inc.

Montt Group has been a key player in the internationalization of our activities in Latin America. They advised and supported us in the successful opening of our offices, both in Peru and Chile. Since then, they continue to guide us, if necessary, in every legal, corporate and judicial stage.

Sandrine Guezel

South American Manager MBI Global