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Corporate Services

      Our Firm generated this particular service based on the requirement of the clients that we accepted and on which basis we built this product, which consists in giving the client, when operating outside their original jurisdiction, an integral support, especially in the initial stages of their establishment in its new center of operations.

   This service involves establishing one or more companies of the type or species appropriate to its purpose, provide legal address, appoint a legal representative from our local staff, provide back-office services, accounting, tax administration and assume the legal account as a whole, all in an economic and modular rate scheme, so that the client can partially unlink some services as it progresses in its local establishment, ultimately retaining our Firm the permanent legal assistance that is the core of our activity.

The modular packages of services designed are the following:

- Provision of Legal Domicile:
The correspondence can be received in our offices, and our address will be granted in the country in which we operate respectively as the legal address of the company for all purposes.

- Provision of Legal Representative:
For the first three months, to be replaced by a person of your trust as soon as he/she obtains a Residence Visa. Optionally, legal representation may continue indefinitely.

- Accounting Service, Reports and Tax Administration:
We offer to take the accounting of the company that is going to be established in the different countries where we are located. The frequency and intensity of the reports should be previously defined by mutual agreement. Likewise, we offer the presentation of the reports to the Tax Authorities and tax management of the company.

- Opening of Bank Account:
In any bank of your choice. The administration of said bank account will correspond to the manager under direct instruction of the supervisor from abroad.

- Back Office Services:
These include administrative, treasury, financial and foreign trade services, such as management at lower levels of sophistication.

For quotations and inquiries please contact the respective Jurisdiction, as indicated on the general tab of the page.