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Sanitary Registrations

  Our firms manage the obtaining of the necessary registries to introduce, in the different countries where we operate, products for human use, that require registration and special authorizations from the authority prior to their commercialization.

  Regarding registration services before the health authority, we deliver our professional services through our companies members of Montt Group, which are present in the most important markets in Latin America, where we make efforts and hold for our clients the sanitary registrations before the relevant governmental authorities, necessary for drugs recognized by law, equipment, medical devices, hospital, aesthetic, cosmetics, hygiene and cleaning articles; as well as food, veterinarian products, fertilizers, herbicides and other products that require registration or certification according to the Jurisdiction.

  We also advise our clients on the current control regime for products from the health authorities, we obtain registration for food, labels, and bar codes, among others. In addition to these services, we offer legal custody of sanitary registrations, in the condition of commercial agents, without the need for your company to be installed in the country of your preference and preventing such records from being held by third-party distributors, subject to subsequent conflicts of interest.

For quotes and inquiries, please contact the respective Jurisdiction, as indicated by the general tab of the page