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Mining Permits and Titles

Services Related to Mining Titles, Maintenance and Monitoring

1) Obtaining a Mining Exploration Concession

Obtaining a Mining Exploration Concession that only authorizes the carrying out of exploration work:

- Stage 1: Comprises the filing of the petition to obtain a mining exploration concession, payment of filing fee, registration and its publication.

- Stage 2: Comprises the obtaining of a court decision granting the exploration concession.

- Stage 3: Comprises the final stage for obtaining the mining concession and the applicable registration.

2) Obtaining Mining Exploitation Concession

Obtaining a Mining Exploitation Concession that allows to exploit and commercialize the extracted minerals:

- Stage 1: Comprises the filing of the petition and payment of filing fee.

- Stage 2: Comprises the application before the court for ordering a survey, respective survey plans, proportional payment of the tax on mining holdings.

- Stage 3: Comprises the obtaining of the concession.

  Approximate time required to obtain a concession: 18 to 24 months since the date of the original application before the respective court.

3) Monitoring of Mining Properties

  It consists of a permanent review of each of the concessions existing in a given area by monitoring the applications for exploration and exploitation concessions in the respective courts throughout the process for obtaining a mining concession and thereafter. This monitoring timely detects possible overlaps in the client’s mining properties by third party’s applications allowing the possibility to take appropriate legal action to protect the rights of affected clients.

4) Cadastre of Mining Concessions in Process and already granted

  Cadastre of mining concessions: Consists in reviewing all mining concessions either exploitation and / or exploration, in process or already granted in a certain area, delivering as a result a map and a list of all applications for concessions, applications for survey operations, and exploration and exploitation concessions that are in force in a given area at the time of the review.

5) Due Diligence Legal – Mining – Environmental

  It consists of a review of mining title for one or more mining concessions, environmental permits (Environmental Qualification Resolution, letter of non-applicability, method of operation and approved closure plan) and identification of sanctions and fines applied.

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