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  Our Firm has extensive experience in providing advice both in the field of individual and collective employment contracts, and especially management of collective disputes, relations with unions and similar matters, as well as extensive experience in labor lawsuits in the different countries where we are located and in its different procedures, all this, within the standards of competence and efficiency required by the market, clients and by the constant labor reforms experienced by the Jurisdictions in which we operate.

  We can help you by identifying and mitigating risks and associated legal responsibilities from the labor point of view, especially in the following matters:

- Representation before labor bodies, such as attending administrative hearings in mediation processes in which the intervention of a lawyer is required or before the labor Authority.
– Administrative filings such as reconsideration of fines.
– Drafting labor contracts.
– Responses to labor-related questions, collective bargaining, hygiene and safety.
– Constant advice on writing letters of dismissal, reprimands, acknowledgments and final settlements.
– Preventive advice on hiring and disengagement of national or foreign workers.
– Review of labor contracts and labor documentation in general.
– Providing legal advice and processing from the start of the collective bargaining proceedings, answering the draft collective agreement, participation in all meetings that the parties have scheduled, either in the company and / or –
– Conciliation and Mediation Centers of the respective Labor Authority, present the last offer of the company, make claims and / or challenges in administrative bodies, as well as the participation and / or revision of the final collective instrument signed between the parties.

Representation before the control authorities in the areas of Health and Environment.



  Our services are essentially focused on giving our clients a quick and timely advice and guidance regarding the best immigration alternatives offered by the countries, foreign collaborators, technicians and professionals according to the specific requirements of the clients and specifically according to the design developed in conjunction with companies that require our support.

  The main products to obtain from the immigration authorities can be summarized as follows:

- Work permits for tourists
– Visas Subject to a Labor Contract
– Temporary Residency Visas such as: Retirees and renters, Investors and merchants, professionals and technicians of higher level, people with two or more employment contracts, staff paid from abroad, pregnant women and medical treatment, MERCOSUR Citizens, for labor reasons, etc.
– Processing of Consular Visas abroad
– Definitive Permanence, for main applicants and dependents
– Nationalization Letters
– Extension and renovation of tourist and residence visas
– Visa change (quality and condition)
– Complaints and appeals procedures against sanctions ordered by the immigration authority, for faults committed and;
– Any other services aimed at ensuring the appropriate immigration status and labor compliance for our clients, according to each particular requirement

 We also deal with matters such as the application of the different labor or social security agreements existing between countries, the release of social security payments for professionals or senior technicians, the corresponding monthly or periodic tax assessment in relation to the remunerations of said personnel in the country, headquarters, among other related services.


For quotes and inquiries, please contact the respective Jurisdiction, as indicated by the general tab of the page.