Montt y Cía S.A.

Our organization was born in 1974 as a law firm founded by Santiago Montt Vicuña, Esq. to date its President and C.E.O. whom along with other professionals, created a firm with the aim to support the then emerging Chilean export industry, in both the goods and services sectors.

From its foundation and until the 90′s, the firm began to expand through the Chilean territory. It opened offices managed by full time, in-house professionals in the cities of Antofagasta, Copiapó, Valparaíso, Concepción, Puerto Montt and Puerto Aysén.

During the following decade (2000′s) began the conversion of our organization into a more sophisticated structure comprised by two sister companies: our law firm and a consulting company which provides through its own professional staff financial, auditing, accounting and management services, based on which we started together with our clients, our international expansion.

This international expansion has led us to have our own offices in Bogotá, Buenos Aires, La Paz, Lima, San Juan (Argentina) and Sao Paulo, each of which offers the services mentioned above, particularly the special product for international clients that we call “hosting” which is organized in modular packages of services that allow, together with the establishment of a legal entity, the outsourcing at a reasonable cost of the legal, administrative and accountancy support required for its operation.

By 2010 and onwards, the firm continued to expand based on a balanced growth focused on areas of taxation, labor, corporate, mining, water rights, fisheries, aquaculture, real estate and agriculture law, deepening and specializing its litigation practice and providing professional experts in preventive audits, in different fields, at a reasonable cost in order to identify and remove contingencies in advance.

Today we have more than 70 full-time professionals located in different jurisdictions and a total staff of 150 employees. Our offices rely on technological means that allow them to permanently liaise with our headquarters, with the aim to optimize resources and allow a complete use of professional time for the benefit of our clients.