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(Fast Corp) ® Corporate

We have created a Software called FAST CORP ® that organizes and keep updated the corporate information, its amendments, recordings in the Company Registry, Minutes of Shareholders meetings, Minutes of Board of Directors meetings and power structure of executives and attorneys, Shareholders Registry, transfers of shares, share certificates, and reports of amendment to the tax authorities among other corporate data.

FAST CORP ® comprises the following services:

1) Preventive Corporate Auditing: an initial step to gather and enter the corporate information in the software to subsequently carry out a review and analysis of the corporate background. This is with the intent to complete and update the information that may be missing. From this point, our lawyers will issue a final report with observations about omissions and / or legal defects that the company may have; and will provide the corresponding legal advice for the amendment or remedial action required.

2) Access to FAST CORP: The client will be provided with a username and password associated to his/her registered companies at FAST CORP ®, through which he/she will have easy and quick access to the information about his/her company, and will have an integral vision online at all times.

3) Corporate Update: it is the periodical update of all the legal documentation of the company, together with the organization of all the previous corporate data into the software. Through FAST CORP ®, documents will have a digital back up. The Corporate Legal Maintenance will offer updates every three or six months that will operate according to the informed modifications of the company, so that we will offer you an accurate and independent management from where you will be able to supervise the regularity of the share transactions and continue with the constant updating of all data all along the life of the companies.

For quotations and more information, please email us at our centralized contact valid for all countries