Technical Preemptive Audits

Our professional team carries out preemptive audits, according to well organized sample models, in labor, tax and other matters, upon client’s request. Our work is directed to spot specific problems, within a confidentiality framework, without disturbing the day-to-day operations of businesses or affecting the work of the permanent professional staff,

Among the preemptive audits we carry out are:

- Mining Audits

Designed to establish whether the title on mining rights is complete and free from defects, ensure mining taxes are duly paid, as well as ensure that the project has all the environmental and sectorial approvals.

- Labor Audits

Designed to establish whether the company staff is hired according to existing rules and the payment of salaries, taxes and social security meet regulations requirements.

- Corporate Audits

Their aim is to determine whether companies have complied with all legal requirements for their incorporation and good standing as legal entities.

- Fishing – Fish farming

Their purpose is to determine whether administrative concessions for fishing and fish farming meet all legal requirements, as well whether they have been used and meet all obligations corresponding.

- Real State

Their aim is to determine the appropriate acquisition of property rights on Real Estate free from defects, as well as whether they have paid all taxes due.

- Immigration and Expatriates

The aim of these audits is to determine whether the foreign staff has complied with the requirements of immigration and whether expatriates have been hired regularly.