Legal and Accounting Hosting

Our firm developed this particular set of services in order to support clients that seek to start operations abroad at the time of the late 80′s when we began, together with them, to work outside of Chile, our original jurisdiction.

he requirement of the clients we attended, and on the basis of which we build this product, was and has remained to provide our clients, when operating outside of their original jurisdiction, a comprehensive support, especially in the start up stage of its establishment in a new jurisdiction. This implies to organize a legal entity, provide legal and fiscal address, assign a legal representative from our local staff, provide back office services, accounting and tax compliance, and take over the legal account as a whole, all within an economic and modular pricing schedule, so that the client can partially terminate some services as it progresses in its local establishment, retaining our firm the permanent legal assistance which is our core business.

The standard modular package of services we provide includes:

-Providing a local resident as legal representative, a requisite to obtaining tax registration in all jurisdictions where we operate;

-Providing a legal address, also a requisite to obtaining tax registration in all jurisdictions where we operate;

-Accounting and tax compliance. We take care of the accounting records and tax filings of the local entity in accordance with applicable GAAP y local regulations.

-SBack Office services. Include among other administration, treasury, finance, foreign trade and less sophisticated managerial services.

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